Make a Tail Wag Today!

V-Dog Dog Food


Every dog is different and that’s why we need to choose a breed that works for our lifestyle. Some dogs love the cold, some dogs are quick to learn and eager to please, some dogs need more exercise than others etc. etc.

One thing we can all agree upon is the fact that dogs are descendants from wild wolves. They therefore are carnivores at the core. Even with evolution and living with humans, they are omnivores at the most.

But what happens when a vegan who cannot or does not want to handle meat adopts a dog? Who lands up making the sacrifice? Does the owner learn to deal with meat? Does the dog have to survive on vegan diets with limited protein? Which one makes sense?

As a dog owner and a vegetarian myself, this thought has often crossed my mind. However, with so many pet brands making healthy vegan options today, this is not a major concern anymore.

My favorite vegan brands for dog food are Curry ‘n Pepper & V-Dog. You can check my review of Curry ‘n Pepper here. Today I will be reviewing the V-Dog dog food.

Years of research has led V-Dog to develop a balanced vegan diet that works for all breeds of all sizes. V-Dog dog food unleashes the power of pea protein to avoid meat or cheap fillers like soy, corn and wheat that is found in many other vegan foods. Other wholesome ingredients include brown rice, oatmeal, flaxseeds, potatoes, alfalfa, carrots, quinoa, sunflower seeds etc. All these aid in easy digestion, fill your dog’s tummy and provide all the essential nutrients needed to lead a long and healthy life.

Pea protein was something that Leo was never familiar with before so I was a little concerned at first. My doubts were gone in a jiffy when Leo took one sniff of the food and fell in love with it. There was no transition time for him to get used to the taste and new ingredients.


There was no noticeable change in his metabolism as well – I have noticed loose stools while changing his diet in the past but V-Dog dog food gelled well with his body. The only thing I did notice was some excess gas due to the pea content in the food. If your dog is prone to gas issues, I would recommend talking to your veterinary doctor before introducing V-Dog to him or her. Apart from a few extra farts, there were no side-effects or issues with V-Dog dog food.

You can also be assured that your dog will be leaving a much smaller paw-print on earth. Staying vegan reduces greenhouse gas emission and saves water and other natural resources apart from not hurting any animals. Now that’s what you call a perfect win-win! Your pooch gets all the necessary nutrition and wags his or her tail around a happy and healthy mother earth.

That being said, will I move Leo onto a permanent V-Dog dog food diet? Not in the near future!

My husband is an omnivore and there will always be meat around my house. It seems unfair to take that away from a Labrador that has been on a meat-based diet since birth. But if my household ever becomes a vegan or vegetarian one, it’s nice to know that V-Dog dog food is waiting for us. For now, I think I’ll be using V-Dog dog food once in a while or as a topping over Leo’s regular food to give him the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Woof 🙂

PS: V-Dog Dog Food was sent to me for review by Pupfluence in exchange for an honest review of the product. This is not a dog food that I feed Leo on a daily basis.