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Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food

If you follow my blog, you’ve probably already read my post on dry dog food and why I choose it over raw or wet food for everyday use. It’s convenient, easy to store, affordable and there are plenty of brands and flavors in the market today.

When I brought Leo home, he was just 6 weeks old and the breeder was feeding him Blue Buffalo kibble mixed with water to form a mushy, easily-digestible meal. He continued to stay on this diet until he was 2 months old and ready to have dry food. Leo was on the Blue Buffalo Wilderness diet until he was 4 months old. While Leo was growing up healthy and strong, I decided to see if something else worked. This was mostly because his tummy would get upset sometimes & his coat wasn’t as soft as a puppy’s should be.

Me being me, I did a lot of research online, compared different brands, read a ton of online reviews, talked to dog food experts and decided to test out Taste of the Wild. The product had a 4.5 star rating out of a whooping 10k+ reviews on Amazon, a source I trust. I feel like we hit the jackpot with Taste of the Wild and I’ve never looked back.

As much as we try to deny or ignore it, dogs are wild animals. They wouldn’t have eaten fancy gourmet meals before humans thought that they would enjoy it. True to it’s name, Taste of the Wild believes that a dog’s ancestral food habits must be preserved and cherished. I couldn’t agree more!

The brand offers grain-free food filled with all the nutrients your dog really needs to have a balanced life. The main portion of the food is meat protein, vegetables and fruits like potatoes, peas, tomatoes, berries etc. These are essential for your pet’s growth and development. All the important vitamins and minerals are also present in the diet so you don’t need to add medical supplements or food toppers to the meal. The kibble size is also good and easily chew-able by Leo. It is dark and dense and packed with good ingredients – I don’t see any crumbs or loose particles which is great.

They have packages for puppies, adults and senior dogs so we did not have to go looking for another brand when Leo turned one. It was so easy to transition from puppy to adult food. The recommended serving is also mentioned on the packaging so you don’t run the risk of over-feeding your pet. The portion depends on your dog’s age and size. It is however a good idea to run this by your vet since they’ll know better.

With the previous food Leo would sometimes have loose stool but with Taste of the Wild, we’ve never really had that problem unless he has overeaten or gobbled up something else on his walks and adventures. When you have a lab, these things are bound to happen and I would never attribute it to Taste of the Wild.

At the price point of $48 to $55 for a 30lb bag, Taste of the Wild is comparable to other dry food brands like Blue Buffalo, Merrick etc. so I don’t feel like I’m spending too much. It is in my opinion, the best dry food brand in this price range. By using online coupons and subscription services, you might be able to save some money on your purchase.

Want more? Taste of the Wild dry dog food comes in many great flavors like bison, venison, boar, salmon, wildfowl, lamb etc. Can it get any wilder?  There is zero chance of your pooch getting bored of the food – I mix and match flavors so that Leo gets to taste something new every month. His favorites are the bison & venison and wildfowl flavors – all great proteins.

The product is also available in various sizes like 5, 14, 15, 28 and 30 pound bags. Choose a size that works for you, storage-wise. They stay fresh for months when kept in airtight dog food containers. I buy the 30 lb bag and it lasts an average of 25 days since Leo is a huge dog.

The only downside is that Taste of the Wild isn’t readily available in major pet stores. A few local ones store it but your best bet would be ordering it through Amazon or Chewy. And offcourse since it isn’t available in giant stores like Petsmart and Petco, a lot of dog owners don’t know about it. I’ve to work extra hard to convince them that it is a great brand but who cares what people think when you know you’ve made the best decision, right? Even they can’t argue that Leo has the best coat in the whole town – it is soft and silky and it is all because of Taste of the Wild.

If you don’t like the dry food option, Taste of the Wild has more to offer. I’ve also tried their wet food diet and absolutely love it. It’s a great treat for Leo and helps break the monotony of dry food. I can’t afford to feed him wet food all year long. This way I can save money and provide Leo with the best food I can afford every now and then.

Watch out for my review of the Taste of the Wild wet food next.

Until then.. Woof 🙂