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Squeaky Emojis by Pet QWerks

Squeaky Emojis by Pet QWerks

When I got a box full of goodies from Pet QWerks, I thought that Leo would go crazy for the Chicken Flavored Antlers, Peanut Butter Flavored BarkBone or even the Fresh Mint Flavorit but you’ll be surprised at what he loved the most.. the Squeaky Emoji Toys! Well, he still went crazy for the other stuff because they are great too but this toy was his absolute favorite so I just HAD to review it first.

I’ve bought squeaky tennis and rubber balls in the past but they’ve never lasted for more than a day or two. He would tear them apart with all his puppy energy. However, the squeaky sound always kept him engaged & I knew he would love the squeaky emoji as well but like all the other squeaky toys, I thought this one wouldn’t last either. I was very wrong!

Leo has been constantly playing with this toy for 5 days and I’m happy to announce that the toy survived all the hours of chewing and rough handling. It shows that the company makes an effort to make toys that last. This helps save money and time spent on new toy hunting. They also brighten up the place with different colors and funny faces. I mean who doesn’t love emojis, right? The bright colors also make it easier for your pooch to find the product and fetch it for you.

I wish I had this toy when I was experimenting with clicker training. Nothing holds Leo’s attention like this toy. He will leave everything to focus on this emoji toy – I think I can get him to do anything. It’s awesome! So dog owners, I recommend this toy as a perfect training tool too. You don’t have to always use treats – try alternating between treats and this if you like.

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The only downside of this product is that it is made from latex which is not the most environment-friendly material on the planet. I hope that we find a healthier, equally sturdy alternative for latex soon. You can still play fetch or catch with this emoji toy and carefully control the chewing to avoid any problems. Also, clean the product regularly to get rid of dirt, pet hair and drool etc. It’s very easy to maintain this product so don’t forget to give it a try. Your pooch will love it.

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I’ll also be reviewing the other Pet QWerks products so watch this space for more. Can’t wait to get the other goodies they have in store as well.. they all look very colorful, flavorful and fun. Leo is one happy customer.

Until next time.. Woof 🙂