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SeaMeal by Solid Gold

Leo is usually complemented for his lush and soft fur – thanks to regular baths with an all-natural shampoo and good food. So you can imagine how troubled I was to notice him suddenly start to lose hair in patches.

It wasn’t his shedding season so that couldn’t be the reason. I took him to the vet to check for pests and infections. Unfortunately, even after multiple tests, our vet wasn’t able to identify the problem. Leo wasn’t scratching so I knew it wasn’t irritating him too much but he’d lost hair from his chest, thighs and back legs. I just didn’t know why.

I even looked up various causes on the internet – bad idea because you find the worst case, scariest stuff in there. The only good that came out of my online search was understanding the importance of Omega 3 for maintaining a healthy coat. Leo’s food already contained Omega 3 but I felt that maybe it wasn’t enough.

I finally came across a product that claimed to work.. and it really did – Solid Gold SeaMeal!

Solid Gold SeaMeal is a kelp-based supplement that is made from 3 different kinds of seaweed sourced naturally from the United States. As you may already know, Seaweed is an excellent source of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. It is increasingly becoming a popular superfood.

Flaxseed has been added to this mixture to provide the Omega 3 fatty acids needed for a healthy coat. It also contains lemon and pineapple which are nutritious and add to the taste of the kelp powder. I actually thought Leo would hate the taste of SeaMeal and find it dry and bitter but there was no problem there. He licked it up!

Along with regular brushing and bathing, SeaMeal worked wonders on Leo. His fur grew back in no time – I was so happy and relieved. SeaMeal is now a staple supplement for Leo’s daily nutrition. His fur looks better than ever and I am assured that he is in good hands.

The superfood filled ‘SeaMeal’ is not just about good skin and coat, it is also great for improving digestion, maintaining a healthy thyroid level and building immunity in dogs and cats. It also comes in both, a powder and a chew form. I chose the powder one so that it could be easily mixed into Leo’s food – wet and dry. It is also easy to store and use over a long time.

You should give it a try!

seameal solid gold


Weeks later, I met another dog owner who used to take his pooch to the same dog park as Leo and she had the same problem – sudden loss of fur. Unlike our vet, hers was able to identify the issue. The hair loss was a chemical reaction from pesticides that were being used in the park lawn. How Unfortunate! I haven’t taken Leo to that dog park since then. Watch out for similar signs in your dog too. Sometimes you’ll find answers in the most unexpected places.

If your dog has a similar hair loss problem, now you know what to look for. Choose Sea Gold SeaMeal because it works. Give your dog superhero powers of healing. Learn more about SeaMeal on their official website.

As always, keep those tails wagging. Woof 🙂