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PoppinPups Cool Blue Bowtie

PoppinPups Cool Blue Bowtie

I’m very particular about I feed Leo, how much exercise he gets and definitely what accessories I use on him. He isn’t too pampered but being healthy and well-groomed is a top priority for me. We get a lot of compliments on our walks and it makes me and him equally happy and proud.

I’ve always wanted to get him a bowtie since they make dogs look super dashing. I finally decided to fish around for the perfect one and quickly realized that there were so many bowties in the market for your pets today, both online and in-stores. They come in various sizes, types, materials, colors and prices. However, most of them are pre-made, standard bowties and have nothing too special about them.

Blue (shown in the photo) has always been Leo’s color and I wanted a smart-looking blue bowtie for him. The ones I found in pet stores were affordable but looked boring and were made from cheaper cotton or synthetic fiber. Online stores had many beautiful ones but they weren’t the exact color I was looking for and they were much more expensive with a high shipping cost.. some as high as the bowtie themselves.

That’s when I decided to get one custom-made for my pooch. While looking through Etsy and social media stores, I came upon a new store called PoppinPups based out of Massachusetts, USA.

Their bowties looked smart, cheerful and most importantly.. unique. I spoke to Alexis from PoppinPups on Twitter and got an immediate response from her. She asked me for my requirements and sent me a video of all the different fabric she currently had with her. Most of them were super nice but I couldn’t find the perfect “Leo” blue.

She immediately decided to head to a nearby store (on a snowy Boston day) to find me the perfect material. She sent me various options to choose from before making the purchase. I chose a beautiful blue, silk-blend crisp material which was beautiful. I’m glad the store had one and that Alexis cared enough to run out and get it for me.

I was also pleasantly surprised at how quickly she was able to complete the order. It took her only a couple of hours to finish and ship the product out. I’m sure as orders increase, she will take a little longer but you can be assured of a perfect end product.

Nobody does custom orders this perfect! PoppinPups’ personal touch and care is commendable. She even added a tape along the edges of the bowtie to help keep the creases during the shipping process.

Thanks to PoppinPup, Leo is now ready for a formal outing. Time to make a fancy dinner reservation for my fancy boy!


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