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PetQWerks Nylon Bones

PetQWerks Nylon Bones

Apetqwerkss many of my regular followers know, I reviewed the PetQWerks emoji squeaky ball a few weeks back. I hope you guys had a chance to buy one or atleast look into it.

I’d also received a few nylon bones from them to test out and I wanted to give it some time and see their durability and purpose etc. before I judged them. Now that it has been 3 weeks, I’m happy to say that I wasn’t too disappointed. They did stay for much longer than his other bones typically did. Average durability has always been 7-10 days so this was a surprise.

First of all, I was super impressed by the packaging and how quickly it reached me. I was also sent a tracking code to check the status of my order. Not many businesses do that. The package also contained a nice note which made me smile and fall in love with the company and the owner immediately. I’m always a big believer in personalized service and these guys didn’t disappoint.

Here are the three products that I tried:

  1. PetQWerks Chicken Flavor Large Antlers: 

    Leo loves chicken so it wasn’t a big surprise that this was the first product that he interacted with. It was clearly his favorite. It smells like real chicken too and the company claims to have no preservatives or added chemicals in this product. That’s always good to know, isn’t it? The antlers had small ridges on it to emulate real elk antlers so it helped clean Leo’s teeth as well but it wasn’t sharp enough to cause any damage. The size was also just right for Leo to hold and chew on. Check the antlers out here.

  2. PetQWerks Peanut Butter Flavor Infused Flavorit BarkBone

    This is their latest product and my favorite. The chews had small pores in them that could be easily filled with real peanut butter, which Leo absolutely loves. Because the holes are so small, it takes Leo forever to dig out all the peanut butter off them so I can go about doing my work around the house. The texture is super smooth so there is zero chance of gum damage or bleeding. The product does come in other flavors that dogs love – I’m going to try them all very soon. The curved shape also made it easier for Leo to pick the item up and walk around the house looking all cute and goofy. Also, it was much sturdier than I expected and it was the last product  to experience any kind of wear and tear. I recommend this product to all dog owners. Check the product out here.

  3. PetQWerks Breath Mint Infused Flavorit Bone

    It’s very similar to the second product but like the name suggests, it is infused with mint for fresh breath. It really made a visible difference to Leo’s mouth odor. Other features were similar to the PB Flavorit Barkbone that I talked about just before this – little holes can be filled with peanut butter and other spreads, durability is higher than antlers, doesn’t cause any gum damage etc. These two Flavorit bones are low calorie, high engagement ways of giving your dog their spreadable treats. It’s perfect! Check the product here.

petqwerksThe downside with these products was that the ends started chipping off with excessive use. Leo is an XL dog who will chew through these toys fast, especially because of their yummy flavors. Although we got the biggest options available, they weren’t enough. I think most large dog owners find this to be a problem. The only thing that really works for them is real bones. I use hollow cow bones that I’ve had for around 16 months now – nothing has ever happened to them. They are naturally strong and I don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals or materials as well because they are real bones. I always test new products but have to go back to the real bones because nothing else survives. This might not be the case for smaller/medium size dogs. Give PetQWerks a try for sure!

With all these products, it is important to choose the right size to avoid accidents and increase durability and engagement. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, I’d ask you to get a larger bone or chew. PetQWerks offers a variety of products in different sizes and flavors so that you can pick and choose the right one.

As I always say with these kind of products, don’t leave your dog unsupervised. If they manage to break through it, the small nylon pieces can enter their bodies and cause damage to their stomach and intestines. Stay safe!

Check out PetQwerks for their collection of dog products:

Until next time.. woof 🙂