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Pet ‘n Shape Treats

Pet ‘n Shape Treats

I’m a vegetarian and tpet 'n shapehe thought of meat used to make me sick.. the bones, the flesh.. all of it. However, owning a dog will change all that. You get used to the meat in kibble, fresh meat as a meal, bones for them to chew on. I even fill peanut butter inside hollow bones so that Leo is happy and engaged. Let’s face it! No matter how much we deny it, dogs are wild creatures.. complete carnivores.. they need their meat & Pet n Shape makes sure that they get it.

The company makes all-natural, super healthy treats and it’s as good as it gets. Pet n Shape doesn’t add any preservatives, artificial colors or additives and it really shows. When I opened the package, I immediately knew that Leo would be happy with the natural taste and the unique flavors I’d received. They have a variety of meats and treat types to choose from.. it can get really confusing so try them all. 🙂

The first product I received was the Pet n Shape Beef Trachea Rings. These treats are loaded with nutrients that help in joint care so it’s perfect for someone as crazy as Leo. I need to ensure that his joints stay healthy and don’t suffer wear and tear from all the running around. Leo loves beef as well so this was one treat he went crazy for.

The next product I tried was the Pet n Shape all-natural bones. I could see that they were roasted to perfection.. it almost looked straight out of a BBQ. I’ve bought hollow bones before but these had much more meat in them. Leo didn’t simply finish it all up in 20 minutes.. he took his time and really enjoyed chewing on it. This is a really sturdy piece of bone so Leo spends a lot of time trying to break it even though the meat is now over. This keeps him very busy inside the house.

pet n shapeI really doubt that the bones will break but please supervise your pet while he or she is chewing on these.. better to be safe. Also make sure that you get the right sized bone for your dog. This one was suitable for large breeds – there are many other options on their site. Check them out and choose your favorite.

The products are all made in the USA so you can be assured of the good quality and freshness of the ingredients. Small businesses put their heart and soul into their products and Pet ‘n Shape is no different. Love it!

The only problem I had was with the size of the Beef Trachea Rings – they couldn’t be easily carried on walks or used as quick rewards for good behavior. Dogs will need some time to sit and chew on these so you’ll have to wait around until your pooch finishes eating them. I would skip this one the next time. I’ll go for the 3 different flavored jerky treats and bacon’d strips next.

That being said, I’ll definitely shop at Pet ‘n Shape again. I love how natural and healthy their products are. Leo loves how he can enjoy food the way it was meant to eaten.

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As always.. See you soon. Woof 🙂