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The Only Leash

The Only Leash

only leashI didn’t know that this product was missing from my life until I actually got it. Was there a need for it? Clearly there was! I just didn’t think that there was a solution for it in the market. Along came Only Leash!

Leo is a 100lb dog and we live in a one bedroom apartment in the heart of the city. Although he is an apartment dog, he is very active, social and friendly. We take him on hikes and long walks, swimming in beaches, I go running with him and he also comes on our dinner dates to crowded downtowns.

While he is well trained, there are times when he sprints towards something exciting.. usually another dog, a bird or a human who smiled at him. It can get really tough to quickly control this energetic huge dog when he decides to take off.

I currently use a standard leash and the problem with this 6ft leash is that it is too long for crowded places and totally unnecessary for quick activities. But most of all, it takes time and effort to roll the leash around your hand and pull your dog closer when something unexpected happens. It also drags and gets dirty if your dog is roaming around freely.

You still need a 6ft. leash on longer walks – to just let you pup sniff around and explore things. The Only Leash is not a substitute for your regular leash but an additional must-have accessory.

only leashThe Only Leash is a shorter, looped bungee leash that can be attached to your dog’s collar like any other leash. The great elastic quality of the product allows it to extend well and adds some much needed space. The elasticity and soft material also lets you place this leash around your dog’s neck as a collar without causing any discomfort. It can be quickly removed and used as needed. You can keep your hands free and let your pooch carry his own accessory around. How nice!

This shorter leash allows you to quickly control and help your dog navigate through crowds like a pro. I also use it on shorter pee breaks and activities like throwing trash, fetching the mail etc. It is super functional and a total time and life saver.

The Only Leash can be used as a perfect training tool when teaching your pup to heel next to you. My life would’ve been so much easier if I had this product when Leo was going through his puppy training. 🙁

The product is priced at $19.95 which is slightly higher than standard pet store leashes but it’s worth paying a few extra dollars for the high quality and standards followed by manufacturing it in the USA. The leash is made of high quality nylon webbing and is super durable. The hook also looks very sturdy and strong. I know that this product will last for a long long time. It’s worth it!

This is probably the first product where I have nothing negative to say. The only feedback I have is to introduce newer colors so that customers can buy a leash that matches their dog’s collar. They currently have 6 standard colors in nice prints but I would love to see more.

only leashAlso, I decided to do a video review for this product so that you can see it in action. Check it out here.

You can visit the Only Leash website to place an order and check out more reviews before you buy the product. I highly recommend Only Leash because it does work and it’ll be your best find for the day.. or even month.

As always.. leave me a comment to let me know what you think of the product and my review. Woof! 🙂

PS: Excuse my shortness of breath. This video for only leash was shot after a 2 mile walk in the afternoon. I’ll hopefully do a better job next time.