Make a Tail Wag Today!

Nom Nom Now Fresh Dog Food

I’ve been meaning to move Leo onto a fresh food diet for quite some time now but I faced many challenges. It required too many visits to the supermarket, choosing the right meat-veggie combination, portion control & mostly importantly – touching, grinding and mixing of meat which I wasn’t comfortable with since I’m a vegetarian. I think the social media gods understood my dilemma and started showing me ads for Nom Nom Now, a startup that delivers freshly cooked, balanced meals for dogs. I decided to start off with a sample pack and wasn’t disappointed. Leo loved the taste of the variety pack, I could see the quality ingredients that went into the meal and it was super convenient to order, store and handle.

I wanted to share my experience with those of you who are thinking about fresh food for your pooch. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t give Nom Nom Now a chance.

Step 1: Order Nom Nom Now

nom nom now 1

Get fresh food for dogs, delivered!

Log in & order a Nom Nom Now pack. They currently have a ‘try it for half off’ offer – take advantage of this to try Nom Nom Now as well as the different flavors they have. I received a variety pack so Leo got to try out all the different recipes during the same week.

Step 2: Open the box

nom nom now 2


I really appreciate the sturdy packaging and how everything was still cold, fresh and intact. In the past, I have received soggy food or even treats with mold on them – it’s never a good scene. Small business need to master packaging or they will fail miserably. Nom Nom Now has nailed this.

Step 3: Explore the Contents

You and you pup can check out the contents of the box. We got the variety pack with a few different recipes of chicken, beef, turkey and salmon. Your pup will never get bored of the flavors and freshness of the ingredients. Here’s a photo of Leo sniffing the packs and wagging his tail. He is being as patient as he can be around great food.

Step 4: Feed Nom Nom Now to Your Dog

Serve your pup some fresh food and refrigerate the rest. The packaging makes it super easy to store without losing the freshness of the food. As always, looks for feeding instructions on the label of the product – different dogs have different needs in terms of quantity and food temperature etc. Also look for ingredients that your dog might be allergic to.

Step 5: Enjoy the Thank You

Good food is the best thing you can gift your dog. Proper nutrition keeps your pup healthy, energetic and happy – nothing else matters.

I couldn’t be happier with Nom Nom Now. If you can’t afford it on a regular basis, try it out as a treat for your pooch on special occasions like birthdays, rescue days, holidays or just because they look extra adorable some day.

That’s it folks! Getting fresh food delivered is as simple as this. Buy. Feed. Repeat.

Check out Nom Nom Now today: Like I mentioned before, you can even qualify for their promo: 50% off first two orders. Enjoy!

Woof 🙂