Make a Tail Wag Today!



Dogs love to be outdoors and if you have a large dog like I do, they need to be outdoors. Whether it’s running around an off-leash national park or swimming in a calm beautiful lake, they need the exercise and the fun offcourse.

However, as all pet owners know, there are many risks to letting your pooch run wild. Lakes can get dirty with pollutants, algae and bacteria which cause serious infections and skin diseases. Parks can have dry shrubs and bushes that cause cuts and bruises on your dog’s skin. Some of these issues might not even be visible to you at first but get worse with time.

It is important to watch your dogs while they are off-leash to make sure that he or she isn’t getting into too much trouble or causing self-harm by exposing themselves to unhealthy environments. But no matter how careful you are, things can and will go wrong.

That’s where medication comes into play. Going to the vet for every small cut or bruise can turn out to be very expensive but leaving them untreated can cause infections and irritation. There are quite a few over the counter skincare and healing products in the market but when it comes to my dog, I trust MicrocynAH.


MicrocynAH offers vet-recommended skincare products that treat a variety of health issues. It takes care of small and deep wounds, loss of hair due to excessive scratching or irritation and also acts as a cleaning agent which helps in a faster healing process. It has also been used by other customers for eye and ear infections, ulcers, burns, post-surgical wounds etc. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it really is!

I absolutely love this product and thanks to them, I’m more comfortable letting Leo loose. He can run around, make new friends and have all the fun that he needs and deserves.

Check MicrocynAH out today. Talk to your vet if you have to.

Have a look at the MicrocynAh website for more details.