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The Leash Project

The Leash Project

leash projectI always buy nylon leashes from pet stores because they look and feel durable and strong. I need something like that to control an active dog like Leo. There are many patterns and colors that they come in so I never thought about trying anything else. After seeing a lot of my online furry pals sport rope and paracord leashes and collars on Instagram, I decided to give it a try.

In my quick online research, ‘The Leash Project‘ really stood out. They are a relatively new company but their collar and leash products looked very VERY appealing to me. Since I’m serious about supporting small business, I decided to go with them itself.

I got their popular Cookie Venti collar for Leo and absolutely loved it! The colors look so serene and they make Leo (look) really calm. I can see the effort that goes into making something handmade, this sturdy. The collar and leash set is very strong and there were no irregularities in the spacing. I can’t believe a human made it this perfect. The buckles and tags are also made of strong steel and there are no chances of them breaking or chipping off.

The product exceeded my expectations and I wanted y’all to know about it.

leash projectThe owner Marielena is also very friendly and really understands dogs. She’ll get all the necessary details from you before customizing a set that fits your dog’s personality. I couldn’t have asked for a better service. And although they are based out of Greece, they ship worldwide. It was almost mystical to open the box and find something made with so much love from a land far far away. It’s the best!

Not only do you get a wonderfully crafted collar and leash set from ‘The Leash Project’, you can also do some good by ordering from them. They donate 5 kgs (approx. 11 lbs) of dog food for every purchase. How noble is that?

So don’t hesitate, head over to and order a gorgeous set for your pooch today. They also make other products so don’t get confused. One point to note is that the website is in Greek – use a Google Translator for English. I wish they had one in English too to improve user experience. I’m sure that’s in the pipeline since they are international now. Another drawback is that the Leash isn’t waterproof so you might want to avoid this on rainy days and on trips to beaches and lakes. It’s perfect for every other occasion though – Leo has been sporting it everywhere.

Stop by their social media accounts (they are in English.. mostly) and show them some love there. They totally deserve it!

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Woof 🙂