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The Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers

Proper ToppersAny sensible dog owner will want only the best things for their furry best friend. What your pet eats makes a huge difference to their growth, energy, skin and coat, digestion, immunity and offcourse longevity.

Long gone are the days when dogs were fed leftovers and bi-products of human food. Today there are so many brands that make healthy, human-grade food for pets and one of the top brands in the market is ‘The Honest Kitchen’. True to their name, they are a company that really cares about your pet’s health, nutrition and overall well-being. THK has always made all-natural, GMO and chemical-free products that delight pets and their owners alike. They offer treats, dry food (both grain-free and whole grain), nutrition supplements and much more. I was waiting to try one and through the Chewy Influencer Program, I finally did.

Since I didn’t want to take away Leo’s favorite food (which we decided upon after multiple trial and error methods), we decided to try the Proper Toppers from The Honest Kitchen. Proper Topper is a dried food you can add on top of your pet’s regular dry or wet food to ensure that he or she is getting all the necessary nutrients. Leo is not really a picky eater but if your dog is one, this will really help. You’ll never have to worry about your pup’s health when you have this product.

Proper ToppersAs a pet owner, I need to know what goes into my dog’s food so I meticulously read the ingredients and do my online research before buying him anything. With THK proper toppers, it was really easy because they are made of a few simple ingredients. I chose the beef flavored pack which contains 6 ingredients, all known to be healthy and safe for dogs – beef, eggs, blueberries, pumpkin, chard and apples. All these ingredients are minimally processed and come together to form a super-food medley that is crisp, super-light, tasty & healthy.

I use the toppers as treats as well because they are small in size – just remember to stay within the suggested quantity mentioned on the pack and you’ll be fine. Too much of anything good is also not good for your pet’s body. As with any product, always read the label and choose a product that’s right for your pooch.

At the price of $19.99 for a 14oz pouch, it is slightly more expensive than many other toppers and supplements but it is the quality, USA-made ingredients that demand this price point. If you consider the health benefits of the product, it won’t seem like such a wallet-burner. You pet is worth it!

Overall, this is one product that knows how to keep the human and the canine happy. Leo is extra excited to have his food now – it’s really like sprinkles on top of ice-cream. Pure joy and no monotony! I’m happy that my dog isn’t gaining pounds or eating unhealthy. Win-Win!

Head over to and try the product yourself. It’ll be a permanent addition to your shopping cart.

Woof! 🙂

Disclaimer: I received these goodies (Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers) free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review.