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Himalaya Animal Health

Like most dogs, Leo loves the water but hates baths.

No matter how much I tried to make him feel comfortable with the right water temperature, gentle brush strokes or even bribed him with treats and toys – he hated baths.

It’s not just that he hated baths, he was scared of them. Leo used to run and hide under a desk or drool nervously all through his bath time. Well, atleast he did.. until I discovered something amazing when I was visiting a friend in Bangalore, India. I noticed that he was using a herbal shampoo on his dog and the dog, who is also a Labrador, seemed to love his bath time. I bought 3 bottles of the dog shampoo before flying home to California, hoping that Leo would love it too.

And it worked!

The shampoo I’m talking about is Himalaya Erina-EP. Sounds too scientific? – I wish they had another name too (nevermind). Anyway, EP stands for ectoparasites ie. external parasites like ticks, fleas and lice that can be found in pets. The shampoo also helps improve the overall skin and fur condition in dogs and I immediately noticed the difference in Leo.


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The shampoo has 4 simple ingredients:

  1. Eucalyptus which keep insects away and promotes healthy skin because of it’s antiseptic and germicidal properties
  2. Neem which is a common anti-fungal agent that combats bacterial and fungal skin infections and improves immunity against infections. It also helps relieve itching, redness and skin irritation.
  3. Vacha or Calamus which has helped in skin and hair care since ancient times
  4. Sarapunkha or Wild Indigo which beats dryness

That’s it! 4 simple herbs. No chemicals. No non-human unhealthy ingredients.

The result is a healthy herbal shampoo which leaves a long lasting fresh smell. I’ve never seen ticks or other insects in Leo’s fur although he is a dog that goes on hikes and outdoors on weekends. I think the shampoo helps repel them.

Himalaya Erina-EP Dusting Powder

I also use the Erina-EP dusting powder regularly on Leo for added benefits on days that Leo doesn’t take a shower. The ingredients are same as the shampoo except they use Bakuchi/Psoralea seeds instead of eucalyptus. Bakuchi powder is effective and cures a wide range of skin diseases. These 2 non-toxic products take care of Leo all year round!

The only challenge is that these products aren’t easily available in the North American market. You can try Amazon but I’ve been lucky only once. Other times, I rely on friends or family who visit India to bring me this product. If you are in India, this product is readily available online or at select Himalaya stores.

himalaya pets

Curry ‘n Pepper

I turn to Curry ‘n Pepper for Leo’s grooming when I can’t get my hands on Himalaya. Curry ‘n Pepper also makes Ayurveda based, eco-friendly shampoo and powders for dogs. I love their products too and they are more accessible since the company is based right here in California.

Dogs hate chemical smells like deodorant, perfumes and even commonly used dog shampoos sound in retail stores. That’s why more and more dog owners are shifting to natural products. Himalaya products are tested by me for 2 years now and Leo approved!

Will Leo ever love baths? I doubt it! But with herbal shampoos, he is much more comfortable and has a long lasting smell that I love. I’m sure your pooch will love it too. Try one this weekend.

Woof 🙂