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HappiPuppy Happi Automatic Dog Bottle

We won the HappiPuppy dog bottle in an online giveaway recently and wanted to share the experience with everyone.

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The Facts:

HappiBottle is a portable, leak-proof bottle that you can carry on your outdoor adventures with your dog. With a simple flip of a switch and the press of a little paw print button, water is released from the transparent bottle into the bowl that is attached to it. This mechanism makes the bottle completely leak-proof so you can put it in your travel bags and need not worry about accidental spills.

Although I haven’t had it for more than a few days, the product looks thick and sturdy and I’m confident that it won’t easily break or chip off. That’s great for outdoor use during hikes, swimming in beaches and longer walks as well. Also, at price point of $24.99, it is definitely worth a try. The HappiBottle comes in cute colors so you get to choose one to match your dog’s personality (or bandana) 🙂

My Concerns:

While all the above is true – it’s leak-proof, it’s portable and the bowl is actually big and wide enough for Leo to lap water from, I don’t see myself using this bottle on a regular basis. The bottle in it’s current form is way to small for a 100lb, thirsty dog like Leo. California can get really hot and every time we head outdoors, I need to pack a giant bottle just for Leo. Even then, we sometimes run out of water. Unfortunately, that makes the HappiBottle absolutely useless for us. Leo drinks more water than that even after a meal, forget a long hike. They say that a bigger bottle is in the works so I might give it another try in the future. Meanwhile, I have other collapsible and water-resistant cloth bowls that are more suitable to Leo’s size and lifestyle. I’ll stick to those.

My second concern is the branding on the bottle. After I opened the package, the box had Chinese written all over it so I looked up the brand online. Looks like a brand called Paws Beauty also makes and sells these so I’m guessing HappiPuppy is a reseller or affiliate for this parent brand. That makes me skeptical about the quality and right pricing. Is that something that matters to you too? Let me know in the comments below.

Finally (and this one is a personal preference), the shape and colors make it look like something a newborn baby would use. Since I don’t baby Leo or like packing baby-like products on our trips, I do not see myself carrying this bottle around in public. It really does look like a feeding bottle where the nipple is replaced with a bowl. It’s a no from me.

That said, if you want to try the bottle out for free, you can come and get it from me. I’m thinking of donating it to friends if nobody else wants it. Email me at for details.

Brownie Points:

HappiBottle is a brand that cares. 15% of the profits from a purchase goes to Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Humane Society International (HSI) to end dog cruelty and dog meat trades. As dog owners, we all try to support brands like HappiPuppy so that was great to know.

There are many brands online and offline that are working towards ending animal cruelty and most importantly, ending dog meat trade and the Yulin meat festival. Find them. Buy from them. They deserve your support. Let’s hope for a better tomorrow. Woof! 🙂