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Frisco Car Seat Covers

Leo has always been happy to be outdoors and we try not to leave our buddy behind. He comes on our day trips to beaches, parks or even downtowns or a friend’s house. That means a lot of car rides and dirty paws and no matter how much we tried to wipe his paws clean before he steps onto the backseat, it wasn’t enough. Our back seat was still a disaster. We tried Amazon Basics and other brand car seat covers that were rated really well. They were cheap but didn’t actually work as promised. The covers kept sliding since they were thin and flimsy and there were holes in the car seat covers for attaching seat belts. That meant that water, drool, sand and dirt would get onto the seat through these holes anyway. Luckily, we found Frisco Car Seat Covers.

Frisco Car Seat Covers

The Frisco Car Seat Cover that I bought was quilted, made from heavy-duty material that ensured that the cover didn’t slide or move too much (that’s saying a lot because Leo is a 100 lb dog that can move mountains :P). I’ve used this cover for almost a month now and my leather seats have never been this clean. It soaks up all the water, doesn’t allow dirt to penetrate and has no open holes or slots that allow these particles to escape. Yet, there are sealable slots with a snap to hold seat belts so you don’t miss out on that. The pockets in front are also very useful – I store poop bags, bandanas, towels and other accessories that Leo might need in there.

The product is also very easy to fit and remove. I can hold Leo’s leash with one hand and still fix this seat cover single-handedly, which was never possible before. We chose the hammock model (they also have a bench model) since it provides better coverage and a safer experience. The quilted pattern also definitely provides our pupper a more comfortable car ride and keeps his tush happy. I’ve never had to wash the product yet, but it seems fairly easy to machine-wash so I’m not too worried about it.

Frisco Car Seat Covers

Additionally, the beautiful grey color goes very well with our car seats and overall, the product just has a very classy look which I love. I’ll definitely stick to Frisco when it comes to any future car seat cover purchases.

You can try it out for yourself here. You pay a little higher because the quality of the product is just that good. I’m sure it will last for a very long time too. Anyways, I’ll make sure to keep you folks posted 6 months from now.

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I received this item free of charge from in exchange for my review. As always, my review is honest and neither nor Frisco has any influence over it.