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Curry n Pepper Pet Products

A few months back I won a contest hosted by my current favorite Etsy shop ‘Paws and Play’. One of the gifts was a free pet health consultation and gift set from a brand I had not heard of before – Curry n Pepper. I was curious about the company so I went online and did my usual research (website, search listings, social media etc.) and found the concept very intriguing.

Curry n Pepper is a San Francisco Bay Area company that offers a range of pet products based on the Indian science of Ayurveda. I’ve heard about Ayurveda for humans but this was the first time that I was in touch with a company that offered Ayurvedic products for dogs. As a pet owner and an Indian, it managed to peak my interest.

For those (like me) who don’t know much about Ayurveda, here’s a quick summary of my understanding from the brand’s website and other reliable online sources.

According to ancient Indian scripts, health and wellness can be achieved through a delicate balance between the mind, body and soul. Every living being is believed to have 3 doshas or elements that control their body – Vatta, Pitta and Kapha.

Vatta (air & space) governs our movement, Pitta (fire & water) governs digestion and metabolism and Kapha (water & earth) governs stability and structure. One of these elements is usually more prominent in us and that’s why we are all a little different. Through Ayurveda we can maintain a balance of the elements and live a long and peaceful life.

Does it all sound like some new age nonsense to you? I was also skeptical at first but I decided to give them a chance anyway. After all, I’ve heard about the benefits of natural healing through Ayurveda from my friends and family. Even today when modern medicine fails, many Indians and non-Indians turn to holistic medicine for relief. The number of success stories vouch for this fact. Ayurveda is not a quick fix to a problem. It is instead, a lifelong journey to better physical and mental health but it does finally work.

In today’s times, where we treat dogs and cats as family members, we can agree that if something is good for humans, it is good for canines as well (they are exemptions offcourse). It is not too unreasonable to believe that dogs have doshas too.

I finally decided to talk to the owner of Curry n Pepper and learn more.

I had a brief 10 minute phone conversation with her about the company and her vision for pet health. After this, I was asked to take an online quiz to find the dominant Dosha of my yellow labrador retriever, Leo.

The quiz had questions about Leo’s body, coat, energy level, appetite, temperament etc. Based on the answers, Leo was found to have the ‘Kapha’ dosha like most large retrievers. Once the dosha was determined, I could shop for items related to that particular dosha or element. These products were well categorized and listed on the Curry n Pepper website. The product line included dog treats, dog food, bath and grooming products, healing lotions and balms etc. The products were then shipped to me in a timely manner and the owner was sweet enough to keep track of the shipment and give me updates as needed. A+ on customer service for sure.

Whether you believe in the power of Ayurveda or not, there is no denying the fact that Curry n Pepper is good for your pet. Their products are made from eco friendly, locally sourced, organic ingredients and you can never go wrong with that. They are designed to be gentle on your dog’s body and skin and cause no harmful side-effects. Sounds good, right? I was delighted.

Here are some of the products that Leo and I tried and tested.

The first item I used was their organic dog treats. They were made from 4 simple ingredients – Brown Rice, Peanuts, Flaxmeal and Carob and contained zero artificial ingredients. Because of their size, I couldn’t use it as training treats and run the risk of running through a pack in one sitting. Instead, I used it as a treat between meals and Leo absolutely loved it.

I know that there is a general assumption that labs eat first and ask questions later but those who know Leo also know that he is an exception. He smells things, does a bit of playing around and then eats them reluctantly, if he doesn’t like the taste. This is not what happened with the Curry n Pepper treats – he just ate them up in one second. There you go.. these treats are Leo approved!

The next product I want to talk about is the Handmade vegan dog food or meal enhancer. Being a vegetarian, I’ve always wanted to shift Leo onto a plant-based diet. Due to the lack of choices in the market, I’ve stuck to a meat-based diet all his life. At this point it seems almost cruel weaning Leo off meat altogether and I wouldn’t want to do that to him either. I’d still like to feed him a vegan meal every now and then to break monotony. I think he’ll enjoy the change as well.

For now, I did use the dog food as a meal topper, as recommended by the company. This adds a little sparkle to Leo’s everyday meal. The food/meal enhancer is made from sprouts, light vegetables and fruits with warming herbs like ginger and fenugreek and contains no corn, soy, wheat, dairy or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. That’s every pet owner’s dream, isn’t it? Perfect!

This final product is a life saver! We had an unexpected infestation of ants in our apartment and while pest control was dealing with the issue, the TRIDOSHA Bug Away Spray and skin moisturizer kept Leo safe from ant bites and irritation. It is a non-toxic, organic flea repellant oil that also works well on ticks, mosquitoes, mites and as luck would have it.. Ants. Like every other Curry n Pepper product, it is non-toxic and made from organic ingredients. I also received this product while Leo was recovering from an ear infection. Applying a few drops of the spray to his ear accelerated the speeding process for sure. This is an item that is going to stay in my doggie emergency kit forever.

I’ve also been testing out the Kapha dog paw balm to keep Leo’s paws healthy this hot summer. They were starting to crack up a bit. I’ll post about the balm later so that I can do a before-after study. I don’t have enough data to write a testimony since I started using the balm only 3 days ago. Watch out for that next!

I’ll hopefully also get to test out some more yummy vegan treats and chips, the dry shampoo and the organic toothpaste in the meantime. All these products sound extremely promising and definitely belong in a Whole Foods. I’m sure you’ll also agree with me once you give Curry n Pepper a try.

Want more? The packaging of their products is also great. They were sturdy, easy to re-use, store and refrigerate. Their price range is also competitive so why would anyone go for store bought products when you get all the goodness of organic ingredients at the same cost? The only item I cannot afford is the dog food. At the price point of $29.99 for a 5lbs bag, it is expensive. I agree that the natural ingredients call for the high price but I will stick to using it as a meal topper for now.


That being said, I highly recommend Curry n Pepper to dog owners.

I’m sure that you a little curious about the company as well. Visit and take the Dosha quiz today to get started. Help your dog live a long and healthy life through holistic and natural pet products.

Talk about your experience with Ayurveda in the comments below.

Until next time.. Woof!