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CraftLoveCraftLife Pet Memorabilia

CraftLoveCraftLife Pet Memorabilia

Every pet is special. Those that live with us bring us joy and unconditional love. Those that left us fill our hearts with wonderful memories that we’ll cherish till the end of time.

I came across the brand CraftLoveCraftLife that was clearly formed to celebrate this unique bond between pets and their humans. They make beautiful and sensitive memorabilia using the remains of your pet – hair, ashes etc. If your pet is still alive, you can always get an engraved accessory to keep with you.

My love for dogs started when I was a child. I met Lucky when I was 15 and he was a 2 week old, hairless little Pomeranian. We instantly hit it off and became best friends – I even named him Lucky because I was going through a tough phase in life and he helped me through it since Day 1. Lucky was always there for me – to cuddle with when I was down, to greet me whenever I came home, to play with me when I felt alone. I loved him to bits. Sadly, I lost Lucky 5 years back and I miss him every single day.

Luckily, we bought Leo home in 2015 when he was just 6 weeks old and it was love at first sight all over again. We are best friends and do everything together.. parks and walks on weekdays; beaches and hikes on weekends. We even invented our own game and a code language. My life is perfect with him in it. He keeps me up and active, makes me smile at his goofiness and is a part of my little family.

Although I didn’t have anything from Lucky to convert into a memorabilia item, I decided to use CraftLoveCraftLife to get a metal engraved bracelet with Leo’s name on it. My husband and I travel a lot and I miss Leo when he isn’t with us. The bracelet puts a smile on my face and I miss him a little less. I also have some torn out toys from when he was a little puppy and I’m considering using parts of that to design something for my home. I’ve to get in touch with craftLoveCraftLife about that. They’ll have some great ideas as well.

craftlovecraftlifeThere are many brands that design urns, jewelry, decor and other products to keep your pet’s memory alive. With CraftLoveCraftLife you get all that plus exceptional service, multiple options to personalize your items and own a unique piece. They care about your stories and the wonderful adventures that you have or had with your pet & they work hard to capture the essence of your tale in their products. I love them and you will too.

Let the bond between you and your best friend stay immortal. Take your journey forward with handmade, carefully crafted memorabilia.

Go check CraftLoveCraftLife’s website out today.

Woof! 🙂