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ChuckIt! Fetch Games Toys

ChuckIt! Fetch Games Toys

I think every pet owner knows about the brand ChuckIt! Fetch Games by Petmate. They are probably the most popular toy brand for pets worldwide. This post is mainly for new dog parents or those who haven’t tried ChuckIt! yet.

The company has an assortment of pet toys perfect for outdoor play and it is my absolute go-to brand for fetch toys. I’m quickly reviewing my 4 favorite ones today. Hope it helps you make a decision.


The ball launcher:

It is perfect for playing fetch in a dog park, your backyard or even indoors. It is compatible with a variety of tennis balls and a range of sturdier rubber balls and fun wheelies. The launcher also makes it super easy to pick balls up without getting your hands dirty with soil, water or drool. That’s some good mechanism right there. It is a very sturdy product and stays intact for years – I’ve had mine for almost 2.

ChuckIt Tennis Balls:

Every dog likes tennis balls and ChuckIt! makes great ones if you are looking for a substitute for regular tennis balls. They come in various sizes and a few color options so they can brighten up your game and also fit right into your pet’s mouth. Leo has a bag full of tennis balls but he always goes for the ChuckIt! ones first.

Paraflight Max Glow:

This is my favorite toy to take out for a quick game at night or early evenings on winters. It is a luminescent disc that is perfect for fetch games when the sun is sleeping and your pup isn’t. This product needs some quick charging but it isn’t too cumbersome.

Amphibious Bumper:

If your dog is a water lover like Leo, then you should add the Chuckit! Amphibious Bumper (shown in the photo below) to your shopping list. I never leave for a lake or the beach without this one. The materials they use make sure that the bumper stays afloat and fits perfectly in your dog’s mouth. Leo loves playing with it and is always willing to go through a lot of effort to swim and fetch these. This way he gets all the exercise he needs while having a lot of water fun.

These are just a few that I have tried – they literally have hundreds of products. How I wish I could try them all.

The products aren’t cheap but they aren’t too expensive for their high-quality, variety and durability. You’d rather have a few long-lasting great products vs. very cheap ones that stay in shape for a month or less. They also come in attractive colors to help keep your pet engaged and active all through your play session. Sounds perfect, right? It really is!

I highly recommend this brand. Go grab your favorite toy and leave me a comment about your experience.

Until we meet next time, keep playing & check out some other cool products here.