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Bonlaterre Lemongrass Organic Dog Shampoo


My husband walked into the house & said “What’s that nice smell?” – something that he has never said when Leo pounces on him & welcomes him home. That’s a big win for Bonlaterre right there!
I got to sample the Bonlaterre Lemongrass Organic Dog Shampoo yesterday & absolutely loved it. More importantly, Leo, my adorable 2 year old yellow lab loved it too! The soothing, natural scent really worked to keep him calm during the bath. He wasn’t squirming or turning his face away to avoid the artificial, chemical scent that comes from many store-bought shampoos. The fresh lemongrass smell stayed for a whole day as well. So pleasant!
Leo’s undercoat is very dense & his hair is currently falling faster than the leaves this Fall. He also had a good run through the park justafter the light California rains. So imagine the mess! The shampoo worked its magic & cleared up any loose hair & dirt with just a few handfuls. Leo’s fur was left feeling much softer & silkier than other shampoos. His hair was also falling much lesser after the bath & a quick brushing afterwards. I’m definitely going to keep Bonalaterre in my doggie-pantry forever.bonlaterre
Bonlaterre’s products are all cruelty-free, USDA certified & veterinarian approved. They are also made from quality ingredients sourced in the USA & is 100% bio-degradable so you can keep the environment happy as well as your puppy.
Looking for the cherry on top? It’s super affordable so you don’t have to break your wallet. Let’s just let Whole Foods do that for us. 😛

They currently have the organic shampoo in lemongrass, peppermint and lavender scents. If the product is unavailable, you can set up a notification on the Bonlaterre website or request to review one through ‘Pupfluence‘, the Instagram influencer company.

There is a growing trend of pet owners adopting organic food and treats for their furry friends so why should grooming products hold back? Go organic furrballs!

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