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Benebone – The Wishbone Your Dog Will Love

Benebone – The Wishbone Your Dog Will Love

beneboneJust looking at a Benebone can get any pet owner (and their pet) super excited. The Benebone has been crafted by a small business who saw the need for this product & wanted to get your dog the best toy ever. It is a unique chew toy which is shaped as a wishbone and is a class apart from anything else available in the market today.

The bone comes in three standard sizes and flavors that dogs generally love – bacon, chicken and peanut butter. Refer to the size chart before you make a purchase so that you get the right one. The patented curved shape enables your dog to hold the Benebone in place and chew all the different areas of it easily. It is one of the sturdiest chew toys that I’ve seen. It has been manufactured with great care using high quality materials sourced from the USA.

My problem with the Benebone is that it is unsuitable for dogs who weight 80-100lbs or more. Leo (who is currently 110lbs) and other large/extra-large dogs miss out on all the fun.

We tested the Jumbo wishbone which is their largest one but just after 3 hours of play, it had scratches and visible wear and tear on the corners. It would have been fine if the nylon layer didn’t start chipping off – Leo was starting to nibble at the smaller grains and that can be very dangerous. I had to throw it off immediately. However, Leo really missed it and kept trying to fetch it from the trash. Poor thing!

beneboneTo Benebone’s credit, Leo is a large dog who is a heavy chewer as well. They do clearly say that it isn’t recommend for such dogs so I can’t blame them. In any case, I’m yet to find an artificial bone as sturdy as a real bone – Benebone is the better of the lot for sure. I really hope that a mega jumbo bone is in the works. Fingers crossed!

Watch your pets closely when they play with their toys – you don’t want them swallowing small pieces of plastic/nylon. I’d recommend avoiding this if you have a heavy chewer or a L/XL dog. For the others, go get a Benebone, your dog will love it!

Shop the Benebone here.

If you aren’t fully happy with your bone, they do refund it. However, if you get the right size for a dog up to 70lbs, I doubt you’ll have any problems. Once a bigger bone is available, I’ll be happy to write another review for you guys to check out.

Until next time.. Woof 🙂