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Product Reviews

V-Dog Vegan Dog Food

V-Dog dog food unleashes the power of pea protein to avoid meat or cheap fillers like soy, corn & wheat.

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Bonlaterre Shampoo

Not only is the shampoo very effective, it also smells good & your guests will never know that you have a dog. 

You can have this too.




With IRIS pet food storage feeder, you get elevation, storage & airtight protection. Every customer will be delighted.

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The Honest Kitchen

Are you worried about your furry pal's health and nutrition? The Honest Kitchen's Proper Toppers comes to the rescue.

Check this out.



Benebone Wish Bones

Just looking at a Benebone Wish Bone can get your pet super excited. It is easily designed to be your dog's favorite toy.

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Pet 'n Shape Treats

No matter how much we deny it, dogs are total carnivores. They need their meat & Pet 'n Shape makes sure that they get it.

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PetQWerks Nylon Bone

PetQWerks makes interactive toys for your furry best friend. I was able to test a few of their top items & was quite impressed.

You can read all about it here.



HomeGoods for Pets

I always relied on Petsmart, Petco, Amazon etc. for dog supplies but I walked into HomeGoods this week and found some super cool things.

Check them out.



Nom Nom Now

I decided to try out Nom Nom Now, a hot new California startup that delivers freshly cooked, balanced meals for dogs.

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Curry 'n Pepper

This San Francisco Bay Area company is using the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda to keep dogs healthy.

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Solid Gold SeaMeal

Leo lost a lot of fur and the vets couldn't figure out why. I started giving him SeaMeal so that he gets all the Omega 3 he needs and boy, did it work!

Check them out.



The Only Leash

I didn’t know that I wanted this product until I got it one fine day. Now that I have it, I just don't know how I lived without it.

I'm talking about the Only Leash.




I’ve bought many squeaky balls before but Leo would tear them apart so I thought this one wouldn’t last either. I was wrong.

Believe me when I say this.



The Leash Project

I wanted to try a paracord leash because they look sturdy & beautiful on Instagram pups. My research led me to 'The Leash Project'.

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PoppinPups Bowtie

I always felt like most pet bowties are boring, pre-made, standard ones that have nothing really special about them.

Then I found this & it made me a fanatic bowtie collector.



Himalaya Animal Health

I tried to make Leo feel comfortable with the right water temperature, gentle strokes, treats & toys – he hated baths...

Until I discovered Himalaya.



'I & Love and You' Food

One simple line.. These are little drops of love!

Check out my complete review of the 'I & Love and You' dry dog food here.



Taste of the Wild Food

I really hit the jackpot with Taste of the Wild dry dog food & I’ve never looked back. And Leo? He loves it soooooo much.

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Wet Noses Dog Treats

What struck me most about 'Wet Noses Dog Treats' was their motto - "If you wouldn't eat it, don't feed it to your dog". This is my philosophy too.

Know more.



Craft Love Craft Life

Craft Love Craft Life is a Canadian pet accessory brand that celebrates the unique bond between pets & their humans.

Feel the love here.



MicrocynAH for Pets

Finally, there is a vet-approved medical formula that really works hard to heal wounds, scraps and other skin problems in dogs.

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ChuckIt! Fetch Toys

ChuckIt! Fetch Games is probably the world's most popular toy brand for pets. If you haven’t tried ChuckIt! yet, you really should.

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