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There is No Poop Fairy

How many times have you or your pet stepped on dog poop while taking a nice long walk or hike? It ruins your shoes, irritates your dog and furthermore, it disrupts your wonderful time together. Picking up dog waste is a very important issue. Everyone knows that and yet, many pet owners don’t take it seriously.

If you are a home owner, don’t you want your lawns to be more usable for you and your guests? Get a scooper that’s right for you and clean your yard regularly. I recommend these 3:

Many diseases are transmitted to dogs, humans and other animals through feces. Salmonella, Ecoli, Giardia and Roundworms are the most commonly transmitted diseases. Parvovirus and Coronavirus are also known to be contracted through dog waste. Dogs eat random things on walks and there might be some poop in the grass they chew on – these diseases will easily spread to your dog and cause serious health issues. This can also avoid fly and bug infestation.


Everyone loves the outdoors and nobody wants to see and step on poop and ruin the experience.

Pet Owners, Start Picking Up Poop ->

Please clean up after your pets. Offcourse, everyone hates it. However, you have to be a responsible citizen and just do it so that we can all enjoy a good day out. That way, you won’t create problems for your neighbors and friends. Many pet scoopers and poop bags are readily available in the market. Also, they even come in cute prints with great scents. My top 3 recommendations are:

Poop Bag Stations at Apartments ->

Please provide pet stations around your community so that it is easier to dispose pet waste and keep the area clean. Terra Bound Solutions is a common pet station so talk to your pet-friendly apartment about installing some.

Finally, Call Out Irresponsible Pet Owners ->

Don’t let irresponsible pet owners or walkers get away with no picking up dog waste. Politely ask them to pick it up.


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