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I Keep Falling In Love With Yellow Labs

Labrador Retrievers have been America’s favorite dog for decades now and anyone who has ever met a Lab would agree. Not only are Labs playful, kind and kid-friendly, they are also great service and ESA dogs. Labs are such versatile dogs and fit into every loving family, like a great glove. Like the rest of America and much of the world, Labs won me over too at an early age. Here are 3 reasons why I decided to get a yellow lab.


1. My Aunt’s Twin Yellow Labs

I had always seen pictures of Labs since they were the poster boys for dogs everywhere. However, the first time I saw them for real was when my dad’s sister brought 2 Yellow Lab sisters home. They were puppies when I first met them. Since then, I’ve seen them grow up, love and protect their family and even turn old and grey. They made amazing pets – always happy to cuddle and play fetch during the day. And at night, they made the best guard dogs – roaming around the yard and scanning for intruders.

They were such sweethearts but I didn’t get to see them much because my aunt lived in another city. The Labs sadly pass away last year, just a few months apart from one another. I’ve seen their family grieve their loss and vow to not get another dog since the pain is terrible. Labs, like most dogs, have that impact on our lives.


2. Who Doesn’t Love Marley & Me?


yellow labs

As a teenager, I remember watching ‘Marley & me’ and till today, it is one of my favorite movies. I even own the book and I’ve read it over 5 times. Marley is called the ‘World’s Worst Dog’ by his owner and author John Grogan (he obviously didn’t mean it). Some of my friends watched it and felt that owning a Lab would be a lot of work and stress. But me? I fell in love with Marley.

The movie tells the story of a couple who adopts Marley after they get married and how he changes their life. While Marley chewed everything in sight and even got kicked out of obedience school, his parents never gave up on him. The Grogan family wouldn’t have been the same without Marley – he was there when they were happy, when they cried, when they were stressed out and he was also there for their 3 sweet children. It’s hard not to be touched by this family dog’s story. I cried a lot when Marley died in the end.. and still do whenever I watch the movie.

This was the second time that a Yellow Lab had won my heart. I decided that I wanted one some day when I had the money, time and patience to care for him. I also wanted to name him Marley! Unfortunately, my husband thought that Marley was hard to say and felt like it didn’t roll well on the tongue.. especially since you have to call the dog 50 times a day!

After discussing other names like Cooper, Bruno, Logan etc., we somehow landed on the name Leo. I sometimes miss naming my dog Marley but when I look at him, I know that he is a total Leo! Anyway, this post is not about Leo and since every other page on this blog is, let’s skip ahead.

That brings us to the third reason and the deal sealer, Diego – the Yellow Lab I loved the most.


3. Along Came Diego, The Sweetest of Labs

senior yellow lab

This is a photo from Diego’s 10th birthday last week. Look how he has some grey on his face as he is getting older. However, his smile and energy is still the same as it was when I first met him – 5 years back. Diego is my ex-colleague and now best friend’s dog. She once overheard me talk about dogs and told me about Diego. I almost instantly (and shamelessly) said yes to visiting her home and saying hello to Diego.

Ever since then, I looked for excuses to go to her house – mostly to meet Diego (and sometimes socialize with her). Through tens of parties, “Work from Home” sessions and overnight stays, I got to know Diego. I’ve spent some amazing playtime with him and inevitably become best friends with my colleague too. Yes, she is a sweetheart as well!

Diego is always happy to meet new people. I’m always greeted by him at the gate, with his tail wagging. He never barked or made guests feel unwelcome at home. He would walk up to me for belly rubs and parade his new toys as soon as I sat down on his couch. Playing fetch with him was not an option but a requirement for all the guests.

He is well trained – knows the rooms he was allowed into, the furniture that he can use and also how to approach others. He is such a gentle soul! Let’s not forget how handsome he is too – thanks to the amazing daily grooming routine that his human’s follow, the house never smelt of a dog. My time with Diego was definitely short but I love him so much!

As a first time dog owner, I turned to Diego’s humans to give me tips on how to care for Leo. I’ve learnt a lot about grooming, nutrition and even training from them & always hope that my crazy 3 year old pup will some day be as calm and gentle as Diego. Can’t wait to see that cutie during my next trip home.

Check out Diego on Instagram. He is an absolute ladies man!

Are you also a crazy yellow lab lover? Share your story with me in the comments section. Also, don’t forget to check out other stories that I’ve written for my blog here.

Until next time.. woof! 🙂