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Things Your Dog is Thankful For

Things Your Dog is Thankful For

Thanksgiving 2017 just went by and everyone said what they were thankful for this year. Among many other things, I am so thankful that I have Leo – he is my best friend, my savior, my family, my teacher, my playmate, my workout buddy and so much more.

Thanksgiving also got me thinking about all the things Leo has to be thankful for. So today’s post is going to be about ‘Things Your Dog is Thankful For’.

I’m sure Leo would agree on this if he could talk. 🙂

  1. Home: A home is something we all take for granted but there are so many street dogs around the world who have to fend for themselves. Even in the USA, dogs are put down if they can’t find a forever home. Although Leo isn’t a mutt we adopted, my next dog is going to be one. I can’t wait to bring home a dog who desperately needs one. I’m sure that Leo will make a great brother to any of them. #dontshopadopt
  2. Family: Dogs have been bred to be hunters, service dogs, ESA animals, guard dogs etc. No matter what their “job” is, being a part of a loving family or community is as important to them as it is to us. Take care of your pets because you mean the world to them.
  3. Friends: It is important to socialize your pets not only with other dogs but also humans and kids. When your friends love your dog, you can invite them home and not worry about ruining a dinner party. Your dog is also happy to greet and play with everyone who comes home.
  4. Food: Every breed has different diet requirements – choose a diet that works best for your pooch. Remember that what they eat directly reflects their health and lifespan so don’t cheap out on their food. Also remember that all human foods aren’t good for your pooch. Always look up new ingredients before feeding them to your dog.
  5. Exercise: Leo is a large energetic dog and I take him on 2-3 walks a day and on hikes and to beaches on weekends. Nothing makes him happier than being outdoors. He also enjoys running around with his pals in the dog park.
  6. Playtime: Dogs need mental exercise as much as they need physical exercise. Shower your dog with quality toys that keep them engaged when you are and aren’t home. Remember to shop sturdy toys that don’t easily chip or break off. Swallowing these pieces can choke your pooch so always monitor playtime.
  7. Bed: Sleep time is very important in both humans and pooches. It is the best time to relax, grow and reboot. Get a good comfortable bed for your pet so that he or she can also enjoy a good night’s sleep.
  8.  Treats: A trained dog is a good dog. Always reward your dog for correct behavior. Choose to buy organic, low calorie treats to keep your dog fit and happy.
  9. Grooming: Dogs might hate baths but it is important to groom them to avoid skin problems and pests. A quick brush is also recommended depending on the breed and coat condition of your dog. Also treat your dog to a spa day every once in a while. It doesn’t have to be an expensive spa date, a day at Petsmart Grooming or your neighborhood shop will also do.
  10. Vet: Mark your calendars with important vaccine and checkup dates because all the other things don’t matter if your pet isn’t healthy. Choose an experienced vet approved by your dog and fellow dog owners.
  11. Pampering: Lots and lots of kisses, tummy tickles and ear rubs. Pamper and massage your dog – not only does it help strengthen your bond with your pet but it also helps with blood circulation and relaxation.

What is your dog thankful for? Let us know in the comments below.

Woof 🙂