Make a Tail Wag Today!

Things Leo will Miss

Today is a happy day!

After two and a half years of waiting, I have finally received my authorization to legally work in the United States. I start work tomorrow. Yay!

For someone as driven and ambitious as me, the wait has been terrible and borderline depressing. People who know me, know how tough its been on me. If I didn’t have a supportive husband and friends who were going through the same immigration problems as me, I wouldn’t have managed to keep my sanity.

Super excited, I started preparing for my first day at work.

While I was laying out clothes for tomorrow, Leo came into the room for some pampering. As I looked into his eyes, it suddenly hit me. Leo has never gone through a whole day of not seeing me. He is used to seeing my husband leave at 9 in the morning and come back at 6 in the evening but I’m always around.

We have obviously left him home alone when we go out shopping, dining, socializing and even on longer day trips but I’ve always come back in 10 hours or less. Even when we go on vacation, we leave him at his favorite boarding place where his furry pals and humans keep him busy.

From tomorrow, things are going to be different for him and he doesn’t know it yet.

Today, I just wanted to take some time out to list down some things Leo will miss. I think I need to do this more, for myself. After this post, I’m going back to petting my little sweetheart and spoiling him silly. For now, here goes..

Things Leo will Miss:

  1. Waking me up with licks: Tomorrow I will be the first one to wake up and quickly disappear into the bathroom. An alarm clock is going to wake me up. It won’t be Leo who has been my alarm for the past 2 years.
  2. Long morning walks: My day used to start with an hour long walk with Leo as soon as I brush my teeth. From tomorrow, I might have to push that a little – first get ready for work and then take Leo out. I won’t be able to afford an hour long walk so I’ll have to take him out for 20 minutes and then play a quick round of fetch to tire him out.
  3. After-breakfast cuddle: Every time Leo finishes his breakfast, he comes asks to be pet. I spend ten to fifteen minutes petting him while I sip on my morning coffee. Will I have the luxury to do that? I don’t think so!
  4. Mid-Day Snack: At noon, I give Leo a Milkbone or some pieces of apple and carrot. Who is going to feed him that now? I might have to look into one of those automatic treat dispensers.
  5. Siesta-time: While I was working from home, I was most productive post lunch. I would relax on my couch and work on my laptop for the next few hours. Guess what Leo would do! Spend the whole afternoon resting his head on my lap (or on my laptop). What a silly goofball!
  6. Early Evening Walk: We would often go on an afternoon walk but those weren’t as regular. What was regular was our 4PM walk and an early dinner at 5. We would meet the neighborhood dogs and spend some off-leash time at a nearby park. From tomorrow I won’t be back home until 7PM. Our walks will become night walks. Hopefully my husband can come back a little sooner and take him out. I’m going to rely on him a lot more. He’s great!


This post has made me so emotional. Every little moment with Leo was and is precious. Until I started writing it down, I didn’t realize how much I treasured our time together. Leo is a big influence on my life and he kept me active and happy all these years. I can’t begin to make it up to him but every minute I’m with him, I’m going to try.

That’s it folks! Wish me all the best for my first day at work.

I’m going to try extra hard to keep this blog alive, with my new full-time job and everything. I’ll come up with a plan for that soon. For now, I need to get back to the furry love of my life – Leo!

Woof 🙂