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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

You could be a working mom, a full-time mom, a single mom, an adopted mom or even a fur mom – you all deserve the same love and respect because you are amazing and should be celebrated every day.

So.. what makes me a mom? The answer is simple. It’s LEO!

I never considered myself Leo’s mom and never referred to myself as his mom while talking to others (although one of my nicknames for him is “baby”). He is an animal, I never gave birth to him and where I come from – humans don’t call themselves “the mother of dogs”. But I just can’t stop this feeling!

mother's day

Ladies, I’m 30 years old and anyone who is my age and hasn’t given birth yet knows the pressures they have to deal with. There’s pressure from parents and in-laws who want grandchildren although they live in different countries and will probably meet them only once a year; pressure from cousins/friends who are already parents, love it and think we are stupid for not having one; and even pressure from some supposed-health experts who can’t stop talking about how difficult it is to have a baby after your 30s.

I believe that I should decide when I want to have a baby. I want to have one when I’ve when – when I’ve a great career, am financially secure and have accomplished something that my child can be proud of. Many people argue that children don’t care about any of this but I care about this – I have certain goals in mind and I want to achieve them to be happy. So, what happens when I can’t achieve these goals before my “fertile” years? Either science will catch up or I can always adopt. There are many sweet angels around the world who need a home.

Some people hate hearing the word ‘adopt’ come out of my mouth. It somehow gives them the feeling that I’m being rude and lazy and do not want to go through the child bearing process. Many even claim that I’ll never love an adopted child as much as my own. Leo changed that feeling completely. He was a puppy I adopted from his mom when I had space in my house and my heart. I’ve loved him more than I could ever fathom. When I have a child, I know I’ll feel 10 times happier but that can wait.

Here are 15 reasons why I feel like a mom:

  1. I train him to be a good dog – not to steal food, not to break things and to be nice to all humans and animals
  2. I feed him the best food and treats that (my) money can buy so that he grows and stays healthy
  3. I groom him with regular baths & brushing so that he looks great, smells fresh and stays infection-free
  4. I regularly check his body and behavior for health issues and take him to the Vet whenever needed
  5. I pay for pet insurance to avoid surprise medical bills and to afford all the necessary procedures to keep him alive
  6. I clean up after him so that he lives in a disease-free, hygienic environment at home and outdoors
  7. I let him sleep on my lap or near my leg on the bed or couch because he loves being close to me
  8. I protect him from loud noises, strange objects, angry dogs and soothe him whenever he is scared
  9. I exercise (walk/run) him ever day so that he stays fit, has a lot of fun and makes new friends doing so
  10. I play fetch, catch, hide and seek and so many other games with him. I even buy him fun toys to keep him engaged
  11. I come home on time so that he doesn’t feel neglected, hungry or anxious. If I can’t, I arrange for a sitter
  12. I take him on our outdoor trips (hikes/beaches) because he is a large retriever who loves a good offleash adventure
  13. I put a warm blanket over him if he is shivering or looking for a warmer spot in winters
  14. I give him cooling foods and plenty of water on summer’s hot days and keep him indoors with air conditioning
  15. Most importantly, I give him a safe home where nobody harms him physically or mentally

Anyway, I never expected to feel like a mother when I brought Leo home but that’s what ended up happening. I still don’t refer to myself as “Mom” when I talk to Leo but that’s not a conscious choice. It’s just because that’s how I talk. There is however no denying that he is and will always be my big baby.

Let me end by saying something people always say but rarely follow. Go do something that’s important to you, even if the world thinks it’s silly. Life is short – live it the way you want to. If you keep worrying about what others think of you, you’ll never be satisfied. I’ve done that and felt miserable for years. Now I just don’t give a ****.

Once again.. Happy Mother’s Day, ladies. Hug your babies and have a great day!

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PS: I’m not trying to diminish the effort and struggle that everyone parent goes through each day. Raising a child is 50 times harder than taking care of a family dog. I know that and I’ll never argue with you on that. This post is to simply share the story of how Leo made me feel like a mom. That’s all 🙂