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Is Ice Good For Dogs?

Spring is just starting but it’s not getting any cooler. Temperatures are soaring especially here in sunny California. The only thing that keeps my darling Labrador Leo cool is cubes of ice. He loves them and can’t get enough of it. How convenient, right?

I’ve been giving Leo ice for almost a year now and never noticed any health issues or problems. This is why some online articles on the harmful effects of ice in pets alarmed me. What could be wrong with ice? It’s smooth, cool and basically just water. What’s everyone talking about?

The most common concern was that ice causes bloating in the stomach. However studies show that bloating is caused mainly by gas buildup in the dog’s body due to overfeeding, underfeeding, lack of water, aging, family history etc.

There is no real proof that ice leads to bloating. Go ahead and freeze waterproof toys and doggie treats (especially peanut butter) before giving them to your pets. You pets will be more engaged with the toy or treat and will spend more time getting to the good parts.

But like they say.. too much of anything is bad for you. Learn when and how to give your dogs ice. Don’t dump a lot of ice in your dog’s water or toy. A few ice cubes every now and then shouldn’t be a problem.

If you notice any problems, consult your vet immediately and leave a comment below so that we can all learn more about dogs and ice.

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