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How Many Dogs Had To Die Yesterday?

Thousands of dogs die on roads in United States every day

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Me neither!!! Until I had a heartbreaking experience not so long ago. It could have easily been one of your dogs.

As a dog, I have many dog friends. One of them was Charlie, a three year old German Shepherd. We were on a regular evening walk with our human friends. I had known Charlie for many dog years. He was wise and his human friend was a very kind and lovely girl. Why am I using the past tense? Everything happened so fast.

We were in the park near a road. He noticed something on the other side of the road and got into a sprint, which was very unusual for him, since he never chased anything with a sudden impulse. In a split second he was lying on the road bleeding. The car driver jumped out of his car, kept saying: “I didn’t see anything”.

It was devastating, Charlie was not responding to my barking and was just lying on the ground in a very weird pose. They took him to Vet’s. It was the last time I’ve seen him. Charlie, was no more!

It took a while until that poor girl decided to get another dog. However she was determined to find a way to ensure our safety. Her new puppy had very bright glowing collar when I first met him. The next day I got the same from my owner but in different color. I even noticed that passing cars were slowing down when we were near road with our new LED Dog Collars. We were more visible.

I was thinking about Charlie, he could have been still with us if we knew something like this existed.

Statistics are shocking, thousands of dogs are hit by a car in United States every day. Numbers rise during the autumn and winter when the night comes earlier. It’s time to increase the safety of your dog to prevent unnecessary deaths of your loved ones.

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Written by: Max McDogginsCEO and Dog-Founder of