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Guest Posts

How Many Dogs Had To Die Yesterday?

Dog Blogger Max McDoggins from Dog Fashion talks about the importance of safety for dogs on walks.

Learn what he has to say here.

Master the Recall Command

Sarah Gleave from Meg Heath Dog Leads, talks about how you can teach your dog the 'recall' command to make Fido come back when called.

Check our her guest blog.

Most Common Dog Health Problems

Different breeds have different health issues but most dogs are prone to heart worms, ticks, kennel cough, dental problems, ear infections, digestive disorders etc.

Check what the experts at Puppy Care have to say about caring for these.

Dogs Need Their Sleep Too

How much sleep could Fido need? The answer is plenty. But why? Sure, there are obvious reasons, but one or two may surprise you.

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Pet Video Verify – A Pet Microchip Alternative

Statistics show that 1 in 3 pets gets lost atleast once in their lifetime. If you don’t act quickly and have systems in place, you may never see the pet again.

Pet Video Verify is developing applications that help you put systems in place that help manage your pets better. Check it out here.