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Apartment Dogs

Dogs are great companions not only to families with kids & the elderly but they are also perfect for millennials who live in cities. With city living comes apartment living – there is no escaping that! You might have to say goodbye to spacious rooms, beautiful lawns & even friendly neighbors. But, if you make an informed decision, you don’t have to say goodbye to one of life’s best gifts – welcoming a pet into your home & heart.

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I can’t stress on the importance of making an ‘informed’ decision. Adopting a pet is a big commitment & if you can’t provide proper care to the animal, you are being unfair to it & don’t deserve to have one.

A friend of mine adopted an adorable puppy & she was very excited about bringing him home. She named him & even shared pictures of the pooch with her friends & family on social media. Imagine my surprise when she decided to give the pup up after just 10 days! My friend felt that the puppy wasn’t adjusting to his new home & she didn’t have the time or energy to train & make him more comfortable. We are so quick to dismiss animals!

This is not the first time that I’d heard or read of someone who did this. Puppies & dogs have been given up because people didn’t realize that it’s a lot of work to raise one, they didn’t plan ahead for the costs involved or think that the puppy would grow up to be a slightly less ‘good looking’ dog & my personal favorite – they didn’t realize that dogs poop!!! I’m constantly surprised & shocked at people who give stupid excuses.

Animals are not like shoes you get off Amazon just to try on for a day & return the very next. That’s unethical too but abandoning a pet is way worse. Animals who keep going from one house to another can find it very tough to adjust & this can also lead to major behavioral problems.

Remember that different pets have different needs in terms of nutrition, space, exercise, grooming & other essentials. It is very important to choose a pet or breed that fits your personality & lifestyle, especially if you live in apartments.

Here are some things you HAVE to prepare for before deciding to keep an apartment dog:

apartment dogs

There is so much information about different pets & breeds online so please do your research & learn from the experts. I found this post by very useful. It talks about different aspects of pet ownership – some were things that even I hadn’t thought about. The author, Amber, also talks about different kinds of pets like cats, fishes, birds, hamsters etc. so if you are not a dog person, you have other options to choose from & that’s great!

Before I sign off, I urge you guys to be better pet parents & please share your experience with apartment pets in the comments below. I love hearing pet stories & connecting with other dog owners.

Make a tail wag today. Woof 🙂

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