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What We Do

 Tale in the Tail is a fun blog that talks about pet health, new dog owner tips, adoption stories and honest pet product & service reviews.


Sruthi Thelakkat

Founder & Chief Blogger

Partner Marketing Manager by day and pet blogger/dog glitter wear-er by night



Leo (#leothelab)

Model & Chief Dog

I love eating everything, sleeping everywhere, inventing new games & NOT posing for photographs.

Partner with us

Tale in the Tail (TINTT) is a 3 month old blog but we are growing super fast. TINTT has a great presence on social media with loyal, engaged followers from around the world. The common thing.. they all love dogs.

If you are a brand, you've come to the right place. You can send in your products or treat Leo, my dog, to your services. If we love it, we'll write about you so that our friends can also benefit from you.

Leo with turbopup treats

We would love to invite guest bloggers to contribute to TINTT. Our followers are also encouraged to send in their pet stories and photos so that we can feature them.

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